TQP #45 - Embroidery ITH

2.gifEnjoying the sun!!!

UFO Challenge

  Daisy's Promo

Postage Stamp Swap

  Correction of Host name; Tina not Darla

  7 sets of 50 pairs by

  ease of equal cutting

  almost same fabrics for all

Boxy Stars

  sashing and corner stones

Hexie Progress

  slow and steady

ITH Embroidery

  Key Fobs - ok for tokens of thanks

    not for sale

still working on technique

The Littlest Thistle FAL

  Quarter #2 linky

  Pictures can be seen at "thequiltingpot.com"

Current listening pleasure

  Book #3 - Voyager by Diana Galbadon

*Please excuse the "lip smacking" during parts of the podcast. I will work on that little annoying habit.

Until next time........


TQP #32 - Two Words for 2014

In this episode:

A surprise: Celtic Solstice Reveal
I play pod cast catch up
A new to me podcast discovery (thanks to Nonnie)
A New Year's Eve Finish
A lotta "Bonnie Hunter" goings on....
Daisy (Very Lazy Daisy) reference 
Boxy Stars: A leader/ender project
A knitting project for my youngest
Well wishes to those affected by the wintery weather
People powered vintage Singers: quilting will continue 
Some Podcaster group activity suggestions

Until next time......


TQP #26-Podcast Sabbatical-Done

In this episode I talk about:

Commission Quilts

Craftsy Classes

  • Hand Stitched Collage Quilts by Laura Wasilowski
  • The Art of Cloth Dyeing by Jane Dunnawold

Life Update

  • Savannah Home
  • Scrunchie fiasco

Newish and new Podcast


TQP #25 - Where To Start!

Where To Start!

I have  not pod-faded. I know it's been a long time! Last episode was November 2012. So, in this episode I talk about:

* Vintage Singer sewing machine purchase

* Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cam: Easy Street, String Geese, upcoming mystery quilt in QM.

* Katie: Crayon quilt adventures

* Tanesha: Art quilt adventures

* Quilt Show:  01-02 February 2013, Orlando, FL; Central FL Fairgrounds

* Savannah Modern Quilt Guild start up

Until Next Time......

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