Finally,  got an episode publisher. I recorded two episodes previously. One in October and one earlier this month. As they say, third time is a charm.

So, here's what I talked about:
Life Update:
  Becoming a civilian again
  Job searching
  Thanksgiving celebrations
The Boys:
  Cushings, Gizmo is doing well
  Taking allergy drops twice a day (thank God no
On the design wall:
  Spiderweb quilt top (at a standstill)
Swaps & Robins
  Participated in the "Quiltcast Mini Swap"
  My partner was "Kari". A podcast listener! Who knew?
  Received my top from non other than, April Rosenthal!! Geeked out a little when I knew it was her. 
  Just in case you didn't know, she is one of the hosts of the "Quiltcast Podcast".
Art Journal
  Coloring, paint or gesso
  Online Art Journal classes by: Jane Davenport - Draw Happy and Tamara LaPorte - Book Worm Girl
Happy Black Friday savings!!
Until next time.................

“Group C” - is Back in Session

Never Give Up:
In this episode:
*Round Robin - Group C
*Playing in my Art Journal
*Quilt Progress:
  Spiderweb quilt 
  Jelly Roll Quilt
*Thank you to "Daisy"
*New Podcast
 Outlander Podcast (The Scot and the Sassenach)
*Shows I Watch
*Retirement plans

TQP #53 - Planning

In this episode I do my normal babble and talk about:
*  Pending transition to civilian life
*  My Son"s quilt
*  My daugther's quilt plans
*  ATC's
*  Completed "French Rose" quilt top
*  Spiderweb block progress
*  A little about the Silhouette
*  Mention a few "thank yous"
*  Upcoming name change of my blog
*  A little about the boys!
*  And.....of course, how to reach me
Until next time........................

Episode #51 Just Because


In this episode I talk about:
* DS Quilt Progress
* DD#2 Quilt Plan
   Jelly Roll quilt-black, white, red and grey
* Fabric Post Card Swap
* Round Robin
    Communication, mailing on time
* Tanesha's "Lady Day"
     Art Quilting
*  Nonnie's book review
     "Accentuate the Negative ( a new purchase)
* Spider Web Quilt inspiration by Bonnie Hunter
* A Bummer
     Gizmo has "Cushings Syndrome"
* Art Journalling
    Feelings ( work, life and Gizmo)
    Documented Life Project (DLP)
Until Next Time...................

TQP #50 Three For The Price…..

2.gif It's a Holiday

*****Remember to take time to honor a VET today!*****
This episode contains previously recorded, but not uploaded episodes. I suggest you listen in increments. I don't want your brain to freeze. Each episode is separated by a musical pause, a resting place, if you will. 
So, as usual, I ramble about:
*Episode #48 & #49
*Daisy's UFO Challenge
*Postage Stamp swap and progress
*Round Robin and progress
*My children's quilt plans
*QOV fabric collection
*Progress Photos
*The Boys
*Giveaway Plans in honor of  my 50th podcase & Memorial Day (thequiltingpot.com)
*Movie date with my DD
*Summer TV excitment
*My book listening pleasure and new book excitement 
If you want the full story with pics, head over to my blog.
Until next time.........

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