Finally,  got an episode publisher. I recorded two episodes previously. One in October and one earlier this month. As they say, third time is a charm.

So, here's what I talked about:
Life Update:
  Becoming a civilian again
  Job searching
  Thanksgiving celebrations
The Boys:
  Cushings, Gizmo is doing well
  Taking allergy drops twice a day (thank God no
On the design wall:
  Spiderweb quilt top (at a standstill)
Swaps & Robins
  Participated in the "Quiltcast Mini Swap"
  My partner was "Kari". A podcast listener! Who knew?
  Received my top from non other than, April Rosenthal!! Geeked out a little when I knew it was her. 
  Just in case you didn't know, she is one of the hosts of the "Quiltcast Podcast".
Art Journal
  Coloring, paint or gesso
  Online Art Journal classes by: Jane Davenport - Draw Happy and Tamara LaPorte - Book Worm Girl
Happy Black Friday savings!!
Until next time.................

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