TQP#60 - Back in the Saddle, Sorta..

In this episode I talk about:

Congratulations to a fellow Podcaster

What I am working on
Saturday recording fail
Current WIPs:

     Illusion Quilt
     My Favorite Things
     2 small quilts to bind

Twilters: Birds in the Air Swap

QOV and Longarm practice talk

Next Up Quilts:

    Churn Dash Stars, by Mary Johnson
     Jacobs Ladder, 2-color
     Batik Single Irish Chain

Guild Happenings:

     Recent Quilt Retreat
     BOM Committee: Chair
     Embrace Committee: member
     Mug Rug Swap
     Summer Quilt Challenge

Update on the boys

Until Next time.....


TQP #53 - Planning

In this episode I do my normal babble and talk about:
*  Pending transition to civilian life
*  My Son"s quilt
*  My daugther's quilt plans
*  ATC's
*  Completed "French Rose" quilt top
*  Spiderweb block progress
*  A little about the Silhouette
*  Mention a few "thank yous"
*  Upcoming name change of my blog
*  A little about the boys!
*  And.....of course, how to reach me
Until next time........................

Quilting, Not So Much

2.gifA rainy day, but I get to sew and quilt!!!

Wearing multiple hats this week, I have been working longer than normal hours.  So, hence not so much quilting this past week. Well this is what I have accomplished this week.

My progress on "Boxy Stars" is coming along. I got this pattern from Bonnie Hunter's (BH) website. It is listed here under the free patterns tab. I am adding the sashing and corner stones. I have even sewn a few completed rows together. My focus this weekend is on completing this top! I am soooo close, it should not difficult to do. 

My goal for this weekend is to load my "String Geese" quilt top. I made this top using men's shirts purchased from Goodwill.  This pattern can also be found on BH's website. It is made using long strips. A nice, simple no brainer top.

I am continuing to work on my hexies, one more to add to my stack. Just so you know, I haven't had the energy to do any stitching while waiting for the light. Not even to work on them at lunchtime. I have been working through lunch or at a meeting the entire week.

My previous post about the charity quilt that came home with me in February for me to complete....well, I received a phone call thanking me for my participation. I was told that they like to personally thank each person that sends in a quilt. I was also given a website to see where my quilt went. I was a little surprised that I was called

Last but not least, I am continuing to cut my 1 1/2" squares for the swap. I am about halfway there!

I hope everyone enjoys this special weekend, however you may celebrate it!!!

Until next time.........



TQP #40 - New to Me

A sunny day in March!!

Charity quilt

Fabric Post Card (FPC) Swap

Quilty resolution update



   plan closet organization


  quilt #2 1st qtr

  #3 quilt binding planning

New technique-Elmer's Glue

  Sharon Schamber

  binding-glue baste

   longer/better results

Longarm Practice

  whole cloth plan

  FMQ design-

  new Lynn Durbin- YouTube


  my little engine that could

Until next time...........



TQP #39 - A Little Late!!

This week:


* Listened to Tanesha's Podcast
  -artsy inspiration
  -Outlander collaboration

*Charity Quilt
  -sewn binding
  -ready to be mailed

Post Card Swap
  -Dbl secret
  -Tried something new
  -Hope swap partner will like

Hexagon progress
  -steady but slow progress

Longarm practice plan
  -blank canvas
  -lots of ideas

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