TQP #50 Three For The Price…..

2.gif It's a Holiday

*****Remember to take time to honor a VET today!*****
This episode contains previously recorded, but not uploaded episodes. I suggest you listen in increments. I don't want your brain to freeze. Each episode is separated by a musical pause, a resting place, if you will. 
So, as usual, I ramble about:
*Episode #48 & #49
*Daisy's UFO Challenge
*Postage Stamp swap and progress
*Round Robin and progress
*My children's quilt plans
*QOV fabric collection
*Progress Photos
*The Boys
*Giveaway Plans in honor of  my 50th podcase & Memorial Day (thequiltingpot.com)
*Movie date with my DD
*Summer TV excitment
*My book listening pleasure and new book excitement 
If you want the full story with pics, head over to my blog.
Until next time.........

TQP#47 - It’s My Day


The podcast was recorded on May 4th, my BD! Today, I am getting around to writing the post and uploading the podcast.

What I ramble about:

  • A "Google" BD tribute
  • Daisy's UFO Challenge
  • Postage Stamp Swap process
  • Round Robin center block prgress
  • Hexie progress
  • A little organization
  • A mention of my boys
  • My week off!!!
  • A week with ALL my children!!!! YAY
  • A little yard work with the FAM

Book finish: Insurgent, by Veronica Roth

Audible: next book "Drums of Autumn", 4th book of the Outlander Series

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