TQP #21 - TOO Many Projects in the Pot

In this episode I talk about:

* Craftsy Classes

* 8.5" String Blocks (SwapBot)

* Connecting Thread thread sale!! 30% discount

*Peg Board Thread Rack

* Wholecloth Quilt - Leah Day

* Fusion Blanket Crochet-A-Long

*Doggy Updates

****July 9th update****

While sitting in my bed watching "Bewitched" on Roku and surfing on my lap top, I realized that I think I may have used the wrong instructor's name in my most recent Podcast. Carol Ann Waugh taught "Stupendous Stitching" and "Stitch and Slash" .  I may have said "Wendy Butler Burns".  Please forgive the oops. That age thing, ya know.

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