TQP#15 Podcast Idles

This episode is about my Saturday at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA. It was recorded in 2 parts, Saturday and Sunday.

I talk about:

*Celebrity Podcasters and my excitement

*Podcast recordings w/fellow podcasters and listeners

*My stash enhancement before my fabric diet  begins on 1 March 2012

*Deb Tucker rulers

*Pattern purchases

*Seeing stars in my future

*Magazine subscriptions

*Superior Thread

*New products I am going to try

*My two fav quilts in the show

*"The Quirky Quilter" - Kim (Quilter Comedian)

*Discussion of a "retreat", "cruise", annual meet up event at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

*Thank yous

Until next time.......

For details and pictures go here:        http://iknitnquilt2.blogspot.com/


TQP #14 - Resisting Temptation

This week I talk about:

*Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

*Podcast Meet Up

*Jodi in the puppy update

*Beginnings: Hot Pad, Aprons, Scoodie, Pocket full of Pinwheel's

*UFO-Applique wall hanging..quilting complete, binding made

*BA Christmas BOM-buttonhole applique and quilt as you go

*Harry Potter homework assignment

Until Next Time...


TQP #13 - Life Changes

I babble about:

* "Temporay Format Change"

* Knitting (shawl, fish, HPKCHC assignment)

* Progress on Baltimore Album Christmas BOM

* Weaving (or not)

* Upcoming Life Change

* Twitter - Super Bowl Sew In (#SBSI)

* MidAtlantic Quilt Festival Meet Up (Pam, Sandy, Frances, and Tanesha(?)

* Puppy Update

Pictures of what I talk about can be found at:  www.IKnitNQuilt2.blogspot.com

BTW-forgot shout outs (next episode)

CORRECTION:  dates of weekend festivities are off ..the big game is on 5 Feb not the 6th. I was correct the first time!!

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